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The Swamp doesn’t have much to it except witches and slimes.

The swamp is spooky by itself but I added a creature that makes it even more terrifying. The creature will stare at you from a distance until you get closer.

 The SwampMonster

Made by: Dredding2000

WATCH OUT!!! The SwampMonster will steal your loot. If you die near it he will take your valuable items.

The SwampMonster will take iron ingots, iron swords and armor, diamonds, diamond swords and armor, bread, wheat, carrots, and potatoes.

But don’t worry. If you kill it then you get your stuff back and a little extra.

The SwampMonster doesn’t just attack players. The SwampMonster also attacks sheep, iron golems and villagers.

When struck by lightning. The SwampMonster mutates and is stronger, faster, and even more terrifying. This mob will drop the Heart of the Sea every time.

The SwampMonser has 200 health and 12 attack damage.

The mutated SwampMonster. has 250 health.and 15 attack damage.

The SwampMonster spawns in the day and at night. At night their eyes light up, So keep an eye out for them at night or listen for their growls. For these will kill you and take your valuables.

Animation help from BendyTheDemon18


1. Click download

2. Wait 5 seconds

3. Press SKIP AD at the top right-hand corner