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Just in time for Star Wars day Craftin Creations brings you the Star Wars Toys addon. Fill your world with Star Wars collectibles and toys. Save the galaxy with your very own lightsaber and collect detailed toys!

This pack features a few things. First off is the action figures. These are two miniature, idle versions of the skins of stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker that can be put on display and played with. Use “/summon sw:storm_trooper” and “/summon sw:luke” to get them in game. When you click or select the “drive” button, you sit on the floor and can move that action figure around. These are perfect for displaying on a shelf. There is no spawn egg, you can only summon with commands.

Second, is the lightsabers, which replace a few of the in game swords. Theres a red, green. and blue. Use them to create your own lightsaber battles! They simply retexture swords.