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This is spleef minigame. Your goal is to win by making the enemy touch the bottom of the arena where the battle is taking place.

Map is designed for a maximum of 4 players.

There are currently 2 arenas on the map, but in the future, their number will grow.

For each arena there is a room with a choice of the number of players. In addition to them, there is also a place for spawn and arena selection.


Arena selection room:

Players selection room:

We can choose 2, 3 or 4 players start game.

Arena 1 “Tower“:

This map have 2 levels of snow.

Arena 2 “Classic” (Standart arena with portal style):

This arena have 3 levels of snow.

The map will improve over time. I will take into account all your advice. In the future I want to make it possible to customize the classic arena for myself and remove the ability to break all the blocks, except for snow.


1. Open link

2. Verify "I'm not a robot"

3. View articles and tap "Continue"

4. Wait 10 seconds and tap "Direct Access to Spleef by Foxuk"

5. Download and open file map (.mcworld) with minecraft