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Snow is a cover block that is common in Ice Plains and Cold Taiga biomes, and in the Extreme Hills biome above layer 95. Snow can be removed like any other block. Placing a light source will cause snow around it to melt and will prevent them from regenerating during snowfall. Snow melts in the same pattern as ice. If the snow is on a grass block, the grass will turn white. This does not affect grass growth. Snow will not damage tilled and hydrated field areas, nor will it protect those plowed fields from being trampled on. Gravity-affected blocks like sand and gravel will not fall if the block below them has snow on it. Destroying snow with a shovel yields one snowball, which can then be crafted into snow blocks or be thrown. If it is destroyed with anything other than a shovel, nothing is dropped. If snow forms on top of a cactus, the cactus will still cause damage when stepped on or touched. Cacti cannot grow if there is snow on top of it. Snow will not form on top of glass, slime blocks, ice, piston, glowstone, slabs or stairs or any other transparent/light emitting blocks. Snow melts near light sources (except sunlight), up to 3 blocks from lava and glowstone, 2 blocks from torches, and it won't regrow 2 additional blocks away. Snow can be collected in large quantities through snow farming. Snow can be stacked to a full block beside a cactus without destroying it.