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Wsp gamers my name is MobD Gaming. So anyways I am a teen YouTuber, I made this server by myself so it will be small but my friends said they could help me in the next update. So if you like my server say it in the comments below. Anyways let’s get started. Also go to the end to see what’s important.

So I used to ask people on official Minecraft servers : “ Do you think it would be cool to fight the witherstorm on a server?” They all said :”Yes”. Anyways so I did this server because I would like to have an epic battle with the witherstorm. But it’s not just the witherstorm I have other mini games too. So here we have the lobby from a bird’s perspective:

So this is not a huge lobby but it’s a fair size since I’m not big. But it’s pretty good. Also no fighting allowed or you will be warned. Here are all the minigames I added. I made them myself with command blocks and no plugins like most servers have. 

Anyways I have added my own spleef . This took a while to make so please enjoy and share/link this post. So when you talk to the NPC you get teleported to the Sub-Lobby of the spleef mini game. This is the Sg-lobby . Don’t worry there is a floor. Made of barriers lol.

Then  you look around and see a sign saying start with a button next to it. Press the start button and you get teleported with a shovel to the arena. If they’re is a game going on don’t press it and wait. I will be moderating the server with my friends.

So now that we got spleef out of the way let’s move on to the PVP Arena. So first talk to the NPC . I made it myself too. Pretty cool am I right guys? Also I used barriers around the armor stands so the armor doesn’t get taken away.

Then once you talk to the NPC, press the button to get teleported , you will find it in the dialogue. You’ll teleported to the pressure plate in the middle of the arena where you get your armor and weapons. Nore: they’re not super weapons , just a noob kit with leather armor and wooden weapons. Will be adding kits soon.

Then just fight with others or your friends. This is actually of of the most fun mini games there is. So let’s move on to the next thing. This is really fun I played with my friends and it

Here is where you get to talk to the npc and fight the witherstorm . Be warned the witherstorm is super strong. I recommend lots of players to fight it. Also make sure to get away from spawn point since the witherstorm can break bedrock and command blocks.

I wasn’t able to get a image of where you fight the witherstorm so sorry . If I did it would destroy it. I’m so sorry but I will add the image in the next update.

Now let’s move on to the Ender Dragon. This is for people who want a smaller boss than the witherstorm. Also the normal wither. The EnderDrsgon will be easy for you because you have netherite gear. Also with the wither and the witherstorm. Make sure to be prepared before spawning them.

So here is what happens when you enter the portal. You spawn on a platform with a presser plate that gives you netherite gear. If you kill the enderdragon tell me so I can summon it.

Then you step on the pressure plate for weapons and go across the bridge I built for you. I also gave you blocks so no worry’s.  I will make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. So please feel free to have fun.

So now that we got that out now let’s move on to the wither. So when you talk to the NPC like you saw in the previous image yo will talk to him. In his dialogue you will see a button that teleports you to the sub-lobby.

Then when you talk to him you get teleported to the Sub-Lobby of the arena where you fight the Wither. This is the sub-lobby I even if you wanted to fall you can’t because there is a barrier wall so poop.

Then step on the pressure plate to get started so you can get what you need to fight the wither. The Wither fight should be an intermediate fight since I gave you netherite armor with healing arrows to hit the wither with . So here is me trying it out. It’s still pretty hard , in my opinion the wither is harder because it causes lag and other stuff.

So anyways please share this and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You may not say that you built it because I made it. Anyways enjoy my server and also subscribe to my mcpedl account too for more news. I will add more updates and everything to the server. So if you want to know subscribe. Also server restarts are not common . Unless the server gets laggy I will restart it but don’t worry about the server restarting while you play. I won’t restart it commonly.



-Adding New Skywars Maps


-May add BedWars.

And that’s it so make sure to add this in Minecraft. Also since I am using a website called aternos . When I start the server there is a 6-minute timer so if a player doesn’t join then it stops and goes offline. So I will be starting the server at 8:00 A.M and Stop it at 6:00 P.M (if someone joins) alright so thank you see you in the next update.


Comment Added : 2/1/2021 : Update 1.2 (technically 1.4) wll be added in February 10,2021 . Expect for the server to be updated.



If you make a video about this server make sure to include the website link in the description (aternos link), my channel , and the link to this MCPEDL page. If not I will copyright strike your video and take it down. Do not say this is your server.

Add this link in your description so they can add the server quickly:

Anyways thank you guys for reading this please have a good day and subscribe to YouTube and MCPE do. Alr bye gamers!

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