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MC: New Slime Block Robots [Redstone]
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This map features several robots which utilize blocks of redstone and slime blocks with piston mechanics to enable functionalities required for walking robots. They are not just limited to walking since they are also mounted with weapons which let them shoot TNT blocks at their enemies. There are six different robots in total and one of them is based on the Mech Master Nine Million in Minecraft Story Mode.

Creator: DaSchmitt/BobTheCreeper, Twitter Account

How does it work?

To start the engine for a robot find the part that has 3 observer blocks forming a small upside down triangle with their input side facing toward the player and another lone observer block above which has its input side facing you. Click the “Face” of the lone observer block with a flint & steel to activate the sticky piston and start the robot.


To stop it you can break the slime blocks being pulled by the sticky piston behind the observer which you activated or place an obsidian block in front of the slime blocks which are being pulled by the same sticky piston.

To activate the missile launcher make sure that you stopped the engine otherwise, it will mess up and from the engine/the designated cockpit, place a redstone block/redstone torch below or on the piston facing upward (toward the missile) with an observer on it\’s face and it is important that you remove the redstone block or redstone torch that you placed after launching the missile before you start the engine again.

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