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Minecraft Mansave: a kamikaze and lifeguards. If the kamikaze dies, he WON! If he’s still alive after (by default in my addon) 2 minutes, he lost! This idea was originally invented by McBirken and I ported it to Bedrock as an addon!

This is a simple function pack of McBirken’s “Minecraft Manhunt but if I DIE, the Hunters LOOSE”, AKA “Minecraft Mansave” (and yes I’m that XXL Steve guy that suggested this name) game.

How to start:

To start the game, simply write /function start in chat (you need at least 2 players to play the game)!

For the credits, /function credits

And for help/instructions, /function help

How to be selected as the kamikaze when you start:

If you want to be automatically selected as the kamikaze, write /function kamikaze

How to change for how long the Lifeguards have to keep the Kamikaze alive to win:

If you think 2 minutes is too fast/slow, you can always change it! Write /scoreboard players set @s time yourTimeInSeconds (note: you have to be the host for it to work. If someone else writes it, he has to write /scoreboard players set nameOfTheHost timeInSeconds).

Addon showcase:


If it’s for a YouTube video, credit McBirken and me in the description, for example:

“Minecraft Mansave @McBirken:

Ported to Bedrock by CornetPanique86: “

You can NOT reupload this addon on another website/app without my authorization (to contact me, join my Discord server)


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