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MC: Lily’s Mystery: Finding Sophie Chapter 2 (Horror)
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We will continue the story of the father who lost his daughter inside Lily’s House (your daughter’s bestfriend)


And This map is not recommended for those person who has a heart problems

This map contains loud noises and jumpscares that not suitable for those person who has a heart problem. 

Note: I recommend to turn off the lights in your room because most of the rooms in this map has a limited amount of light source. 

You can also play this map with your friend but the maximum player is 2 you cannot play this map with 3 or more players or the game will crash or it will not work properly. 

This map needs a lot of patience, for some people it will be hard to finish this map but dont give up cause everything has solution on our problem! Just try to figure it out! 

+ How to play? 

– Collect and read books to find what’s your next move

– Find keys to unlock locked doors (some doors/gates doesn’t need keys to be unlock, they have buttons or lever to be open! )

– Dont commit suicide! 

+ Requirements:

– MCBE ver 1.16.x +

– A strong device (lower device is not tested yet)

– Turn off the lights in your room 

– Brightness – 90%-100%

– Volume – [Youre Choice!]

– Time and Patience

+ Notes:

– Do not take any items from the armor stands

– Do not kill armor stands

– Dont give your items on armor stands

– Never Commit suicide 

– Reading Books can lead you for your next move! 

– Never leave your partner alone! 

– There are different types of potions! 2 throwable and 1 drinkable they also have different amount of healing effects

Watch my trailer:

+ How to play in Multiplayer? 

– First click the “Teleport all players here” button from the lobby

– Second click the “Choose Character” button from the lobby to select character

– The first one who will click the button will be the player 1

– And the second player who will click the button will be the player 2 

Note: Your player character(s) will depend on your xp level or experience level! Level 1 is player 1 and Level 2 is player 2 if theres some problem on choosing character you can reply on the comment box below! And also do not start the game if the other player is not yet ready


Some textures and sound was not mine, if you have owned in this map and you want me to credit you just tell me! 


Click the link below to start download, after downloading complete click the file with ".mcworld" file extension to automatically import to your minecraft app