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MC: Jungle and Coral Reef Spawn (Seed)
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Found on Windows 10, version 1.16.201

This seed will spawn you on the coast of a jungle island, with a bamboo forest and a coral reef close by. Yes, pandas do naturally spawn here!

Spawn point: 704, 65, 4 

Relative to the spawn point, the closest structures to the spawn point are…

Shipwreck: 392, y, 56

Second Shipwreck: 814, y, -273

Ocean Monument: -408, y, -1320

Ocean Ruins: 424, y, -152

Swamp: -314, y, 201

Village: 552, y, 456

Mineshaft: 608, y, 80

Pillager Outpost: -952, y, 1816

Temple: 1080, y, 216

Woodland Mansion: -7208, y, 1336

Ruined Portal: 648, y, 8

Second Ruined Portal: -317, y, 62

Stronghold: -1230, y, 1042

The stronghold spawns underneath a plains and swamp village, so you will find rare swamp villagers. Inside the stronghold there is a mineshaft with a cave spider spawner and a dungeon with a skeleton spawner, so this stronghold has potential for 3 different farms including slimes.

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