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Java Terrain is quite an odd one and simple, surprised that this parity issue hasn’t been fixed yet—but in a brief introduction; Java Terrain is a rather small MC component (or addon as you would say) that modifies MC Bedrock’s terrain generation ever so slightly, to match that of Java Edition. Specifically, between both versions, Bedrock Edition tends to lack a higher distribution of grass in it’s terrain generation; the main existence of this pack is fix and address this parity issue.

A More Detailed and Embedded Description:

But anyways, as stated above… this pack specifically adresses these “terrain parity issues”. Similar to Java Edition—Bedrock now generates with a higher distribution of grass, thanks to the components of this pack… by utilizing the “iterations” and “distribution” function provided by the biome scripting API—I’m able to customize the distrubution (frequency) generation of a specific item (grass, trees, flowers, etc.) Specifically, the main biomes affected by this pack are Plains and Savanna biomes (in addition to their “Mutated”  counterparts)

Visual Represention:

Heres an image of the Pack in action: Savanna Biome.

As you can observe, grass now generates in a higher ratio/distrubution as previously. Here are some more examples; (Both Savanna & Plains)

(*Excuse the grass block—I was unknowly utilizing a full grass Resource Pack—to avoid any confusion, it’s not apart of the pack…)


Alright, other than these components… that’s all that this pack has to offer—well, so far. (Here’s a brief “changelog” or TL;DR section, for those who want to get to the point).

Plains and Savanna biomes now generate with a higher distribution of grass in an area—similar to Java Editon.

 This includes the Sunflower Plains and  “Mutated” counterparts.

 I’ve also hidden an Easter Egg, cause Onion.

*This pack is to address and fix these parity issues, in the forum, its considered as a bug, but also a parity feature, to draw more attention to this parity—please consider voting for this HERE (              HERE (—well, you can’t really vote for it as it’s marked as “resolved”).

Installation Details:

The download link will send you to a direct link—so don’t worry, no or monetization websites.

Upon downloading, just click on the .mcaddon file and all will extract automatically; just like any other addon, for the Pack to function properly PLEASE make sure—or at least double check—that the Experimental option is enabled, or in a direct/nonsophisticated way;


Terms and Conditions:

Since this pack doesn’t contain a lot of components, you have the permission to modify this Pack to all your likings—however for private/personal use only.

Please don’t reupload this pack to a third party website other than MCPEDL.COM and attach an link or any monetization website to the direct link—come on, it’s not cool.


Since this is an Add-on (do keep in mind, that this is an Add-on) you may or may not have the ability to gain xbox-live achievements… that is; is you ever do plan on utilizing this in a survival world.

PAQ (Possibly Asked Questions?)

Q: “Does it work on Minecraft Beta’s?”

A: “It should work for versions 1.14 and up.”

 Q: “I don’t see any changes?”

 A: “Make sure that the Experimental option is turned on.”

Q: “What’s up with the apple?”

A: “Onion—”

If you have any comments, questions, bug reports, or want to suggest a terrain parity feature that I possibly missed, type away in the comments section—it’s quite inefficient, but its functional.