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MC: Hogwards
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Hi guys this is a very huge world which has a house and a huge 2 tower in it the house is a combination of modern and survival and the towers are in the shape of twin tower and has a full functional farm and animal farm and it also has its own neither portal and also a huge XP farm where you can collect lots of XP by killing mobs 


So this world has its own name called “Hogwards” and it also been decorated in the world with sugarcane and a artificial pond and it is the main attraction to the world


So it also has a huge house with 2 floors and it also has its own enchanting room and also you can play it with your friends where this house can fit 3 to 5 members 

Neither Portal

It also has its own neither portal which is decorated with coloured glasses which just looks awesome and also the portal is located in a very good place in the neither where there is abounded resources


It also has 2 towers where the 1st tower has all farming activities where all types of crops are grown and the 2nd tower has all animals so that we don’t need to go in search of them 

XP Farm

It also has it own XP Farm where we can collect XP and Can gain level it’s XP Farm is huge and can produce zombie creeper skeleton and zombie villagers


A new temple is added where people can go and pray and also this temple is huge and is inspired by Gamerfleet’s temple 

Dog House

There is also a cute dog House in the world where we can keep all our dogs it can fit 6 to 8 dogs 


You Can install this world easily with going through any website and any ads by just clicking on the file