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This is a map all about breeding chickens on a void world, the chickens lay various resources for you to progress, contains a chicken boss.

But beware this map isn’t for the casual minecraft player, it’s designed to be hard!

(Experimental gameplay must be active)

You spawn in a glass egg, with nothing except a few things & a couple of custom chickens(dirt,skeleton).

You need to progress with just that, its a super fun & grindy style of map.

Plus there is way over 55+ chickens for you to breed & collect!

Plus, like I said before a chicken boss, which is super tough, also there are machines in the little chicken trader shop for you to buy, which will also help you on your way!

The nether/end are possible too, lastly in the map I’ve made a full breeding guide book for help.

Happy breeding & collecting.

Good Luck!

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Once you have downloaded it, leave the settings as they are, but if for some unknown reason experimental gameplay isn't active, please activate it.

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