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MC: Galaxia’s DeathRUN [Minigame]
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DeathRUN is an extremely intense multiplayer minigame where two teams will compete against another in a dangerously fun minigame. There’s one long obstacle course containing several different challenges and on each challenge one team will have the ability to activate traps. If you enjoy parkour and teamwork, then this is a great map for you!

Creator: Terria, Galaxia

How to play?

This map is recommended for a group of minimum 4 players (less players are still possible). There are two different teams and they include Deaths and Runners.

  • Deaths: Activate the traps to kill the Runners
  • Runners: Run for your lives!

There are basically several different stations each with a different trap. Runners have to be real careful where they take their next steps as Deaths will activate different dangerous traps.