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MC: Freddy Fazbear: Four Villages & Great Chests
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In this seed you will come across four different villages where two of them are combined making them look like a large one.

To find the first village turn left when you have spawned and walk in that direction for a while.

screenshot-2015-02-26-15-19 screenshot-2015-02-26-15-19_2

In that village there is one blacksmith. In the chest in there you will find one loaf of bread, one iron pickaxe and an iron chestplate.


To get to the second and third village continue ahead flying over the first village.


This village also got a blacksmith and in this second chest you will find one iron leggings, two iron ingots, two ink sacks, some obsidian and a sapling.

screenshot-2015-02-26-15-21 screenshot-2015-02-26-15-21_2

The fourth village you’ll see by looking around you while you are in the third village. It’s quite easy to spot. The fourth village doesn’t have any blacksmith but it’s still cool since every village is so close to one another.


Seed: Freddy Fazbear