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MC: Ding Hit Noise!
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Have you ever thought the default Minecraft hit noise was too mundane? Do you want something more interesting? Well Ding Hit Noise is the pack for you! Ding Hit Noise is a sound pack that changes the hit noise to a satisfying ding! It plays the xp orb collection noise when you hit someone. Whether you are doing pvp, or just playing survival, this hit noise can improve your experience.

Ding Hit Noise is a resource pack, so you can use it on servers! This only accounts for hits, so fall damage noises will still be the same. Keep in mind that bows and other ranged items will not make the noise if the enemy too far away, as the hit noise can only be heard within a small radius of the target. This pack only affects the hit noise, so textures, text, and more will remain unaffected!

You may use this texture pack without giving credit! You can put this on clients, PvP edits, and more without giving credit!