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MC: DiamonC’s 5 Slime Block Creations
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Ever wanted to fly a private jet to the nearest village? Perhaps you want to tame a dragon and rule the skies! Or maybe control a giant indestructible mech that destroys everything in its path! You can do all that in DiamonC’s 5 Slimestone Creations! We have everything from a simple motorcycle to a fancy private jet to a fear-inspiring ghast-powered fire-spitting dragon! So what are you waiting for? Download now

This world includes 5 creations, escalating in difficulty, as well as a guide at the beginning.

Note: All robots excluding Boreus and Boreus prime (uses observers for weaponry, not essential), are observerless, and thus are easier to build.

If you have any problems, questions, or would like to collaborate, please comment below.

Tutorial – At the beginning of the world, there will be a brief tutorial on how to start / start the main engine, as well as Boreus’ engine.

1. Simple Motorcycle – This simple motorcycle is fast, easy to make, and stylish!

This motorcycle is the smallest of the creations, and requires just 5 honey blocks to make. To start, break the obsidian, and replace it to stop.

2. Private Jet – This fast airplane is great for flying in style, and seeing the world from a new perspective.

As with the other designs, it’s as simple as breaking the obsidian block!

3. The Mantis Mech – Although small, this mech is great for causing chaos, as is very hard to destruct. Trying to throw TNT at it? It will just fly right back at you! Destroyed it’s leg? It will keep on going.

This design is more complicated and is the first weaponized design on the list. With 2 minecarts, you can easily switch from the tail (to start), and the cockpit (to fire TNT and to brake.)

4. Boreus – This albeit, slow dragon is perfect for inspiring fear! With being able to hold 20,000+ items of cargo, or 30+ passengers, this dragon is incredibly useful. It is a bit slow to reduce lag for low-end devices.

This is the only design that uses a observer-powered engine, so it will be slower to reduce lag for low-end devices. To start, simple “update” any observer, and place obsidian to stop it.

5. Boreus Prime – This incredibly fast version of Boreus wreaks havoc wherever it flies! Piloted by Ghasts, this ship is well defended and has A double fire TNT canon, as well as a Ghast canon and 2 blaze canons. You don’t want to mess with Boreus Prime!

Boreus prime uses a faster observerless engine like the first 3, so it may be laggy for low-end devices. It is mostly identical to Boreus prime but it has a Ghast canon and different looks.

While you may showcase / use this design, pleas give credit to its designer, DiamonC, and link this page.