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MC: Cobblestone Armour Texture Pack
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This pack changes that ugly armour set known as chainmail into a common and cool looking armour set…Cobblestone armour this had mainly been created to give a armour set for the stone tools variant. This is a addition resource pack to my steel resource pack

The items changed are:

chainmail_boots = Cobblestone boots
chainmail_chestplate = Cobblestone chestplate
chainmail_leggings = Cobblestone leggings
chainmail_helmet = Cobblestone helmet

Reference images:

This is the armour in game showing its cobblestone like look 

This is how chain armour now looks on the player a vast improvement to now being cobblestone

It has been renamed in the survival and creative inventory appropriately.

And finally with all my packs a small Easter egg of the shield texture to match my skin enjoy.