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MC: Clear Chat / Tranparent Chat
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Have you ever looked at that annoying chat background that blocks your entire screen? Have you ever wanted it so that it was completely transparent? This pack if for you!

This pack changes the JSON files of the HUD and chat screen to remove the text background. The background of the text and chat screen is originally set to alpha 0.7, but I changed that to 0.0. All this does is change the background from partly translucent, to completely transparent, so you will be able to see what is happening while you’re reading chat messages, or typing one. This can be really useful for severs if you have a small screen, because most servers tend to usually display a lot of messages in chat promoting ranks and advertising. If there are a lot of people on the server, the chat is usually always full of messages, because people are constantly socializing by using chat. You’ll still be able to read chat messages, but they won’t block your screen like before. I have included some before and after pictures so you can clearly see what the pack changes, and if the pack suits any of your needs. You can leave comments if you have any questions.




Directly downloads a .mcpack file so you don't have to go through those ad-infested external links