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BlockBerry proudly presents a function pack! This pack includes multiple things, such as buildings, pranks, and helpful commands. We will add world edit commands to the mix soon! So be ready!!

This is a function pack to bring you extra fun in your world. We are going to update this pack in the near future, and add some world editing tools!

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Available Commands: (All start with a /function tag)

  • Kill – This command will kill all entities near the player, within their render distance
  • Vanish – This will make the player invisible
  • Kit – You will receive a kit that spawns next to you after you type the command
  • Credits – Tells you who contributed to the map
  • Speed – Gives everyone a speed affect
  • Up – Makes everyone except yourself float up high into the air then come down and die
  • Trap – Traps everyone but yourself inside of obsidian
  • House – Creates a nice little house for you to enjoy
  • Farm – This will create a villager farm with crops


Function Pack Maker – DeniTax

Team – BlockBerry Studios