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MC: Angels vs Devils Addon
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Devils, angels and rideable Heaven Dogs have been added to the game. They are basically on two different sides (good vs evil) and will fight for as long it takes to be the team alive. Players are naturally on the good side with the angels. However, if you choose to turn on them and attack an angel then you can be sure that the angels won’t show you any mercy.

Creator: OdOGamer1Twitter Account

How does it work?

The mobs spawn naturally in the world as they replace multiple different mobs and most found in the Overworld. You can also use a spawn egg to spawn their type.

Here’s a devil fighting an angel. Which side do you think will win?

The Heaven Dog can be used quite similarly to a llama or a horse. Once tamed you can place a totem in the saddle slot to be able to control it.

The Dark Trader is a neutral mob which you can give a Devil Head to in return for a Nether Shotgun.

The Nether Shotgun is the ultimate weapon in these battles since it can be used from afar.


  • Angel (Creeper) – Can fly and shoots lightning at enemies. Ability to spawn baby angles (vex). Levitation attack damage.
  • Devil (Wither Skeleton) – Can fly and shoots explosive projectiles. Spawns small devils (zombie pigmen) which cause a poisonous attack damage.
  • Heaven Dog (Llama) – Sit on it to tame it (heart particles) and then place a Totem of Undying in the saddle slot to be able to ride and jump with it.
  • Dark Trader (Witch) – Trade a devil head for a Nether Shotgun.


  • Angel Sword (Iron Sword)
  • Devil Sword (Golden Sword)
  • Custom Armor (Iron Armor)
  • Devil Head (Dropped by the Devil)
  • Totem (Dropped by the Devil) – Place it in the saddle slot of a Heaven Dog to be able to control it
  • Nether Shotgun (Fishing Rod) – Explosive weapon


  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.