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MC: AmplifiedInsanity [Custom Terrain]
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This is a custom world ported from the PC version. It was a customized preset called Caver’s Delight. I modified some of the biomes where you are able to get nether mobs in the overworld. This survival should be played on hard without cheats, unless you’re a wussy.

Creator: amosmoses2


There is a chest at spawn at the desert well (assuming all the spawn info goes smoothly for other players). If you can’t find it, it is near 0, 0. There are spawn eggs in there for you to use if you come across a mob spawner. Do not put them in your ender chest until you have a spare one to use.

The nether is not modified and I would encourage you not to go there in case the PC conversion screwed up something, but do what you want.

I have also replaced the different types of stone (andesite, granite, diorite) with glowstone, packed ice, and nether quartz, just for some creativity. There is also lava oceans, so mind the gaps.

If you have any questions, let me know.