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Want to be a wizard using a wand to cast magical attacks enemies? This Addons gives you what you want!

This Addons adds 30 items, including 10 staff, all of which can be made in survival mode! 

This is the second Addons I’ve made, and the previous Addons:final sword stopped updating because of the new series

Because I am a Chinese player, use the translator to write the introduction, so if there is a wrong translation, please forgive me 

Emm I will probably keep updating this staff Addons if I can think of some interesting attacks ways

Don’t worry too much about whether it’s called wand or staff. In Chinese, it all means the same thing 

So, begin to introduce the power and synthesis of these wands? ! The order of introduction depends on the order in which I make these wands

Flame  staff:

There are two attacks modes 

Sneak when holding a staff click on the block, switch attacks mode! 

Fireball mode: fire fireballs to attacks enemies, explosions will not destroy the block

Flamethrower mode: fires a large number of flames to attacks the enemy 

Chaotic black hole staff:

Fire the chaos ball, hit it and summon the black hole, he will suck the enemies around him 

Ocean staff:

Release water rays, penetrate enemies, and even penetrate squares! 

Meteor staff:

Summon the meteor rock and smash it into your enemy! 

Ender staff:

There are two attacks modes 

Sneak when holding a staff click on the block, switch attacks mode! 

Instantaneous mode: aim at a square and press and hold the teleport

Attacks mode: release ender ray attacks enemies! 

Lightning staff:

Release the lightning ball and summon a lot of lightning after hitting it!

Guard staff:

Release the trial  light ball, attacks enemy, and use the staff to release the healing light ball when stealth

Sneak click on the block to summon the shield!

If you are holding a staff and the shield has been activated, the shield will help you withstand any fatal damage that will kill the player!

Iron, gold, diamond staff:

They have no special skills, but they do more damage

Synthetic formulation:

There are too many composite images, except that the flame wand requires two flame rods, and the synthesis of the other wands is a corresponding magic core of two wooden sticks 

As above, there are too many composite diagrams ,The magic core recipe used to synthesize the wand can no longer be placed, the synthesis is all unified, and eight corresponding gems and a blank magic core synthesize the corresponding magic core

In addition to iron, gold, and diamond wands, their magic core requires 4 iron, gold, and diamond blocks

Next are the gems corresponding to the staff, not every one of them can be synthesized 

Flame gem:

black gem:Sometimes you get it from ender man

Ocean gem:Sometimes you get it from guardians,But it must have been obtained from the ancient guardians!

Meteorite gem:

At night, sometimes a meteorite falls from the sky, and it can be excavated to obtain a meteorite mine for firing, which can be used to synthesize meteorite gems!

When a meteorite falls, it will display a message:一颗陨石从天而降, it is a Chinese message, I can not translate it for the time being, translated into English: a meteorite fell from the sky

Ender Magic Core:

Lightning gem:

Sometimes you get it from lightning creeper

Light gem:


Input command:/summon yunshi_spawnfall can summon meteorite fall directly!

However, this meteorite is destructive, but it will only be generated above the dark plains, so don’t worry that your house will be destroyed by meteorites unless you don’t set Torch to it…..

That’s all for the introduction. There are a few more words I’d like to say

You can use this Addons to record video, if you are Chinese, then you can also send it on bilbil, I have an account on the bilbil platform, the name is:一个有梦想の萌新, if you post a video.You can @ me 

You can spread this Addons, if you want to forward to other download platforms, please be sure to tell me, my QQ:3059420887, I am sorry, I am Chinese, only QQ can contact me

Hey, give it a try? ! If you find it interesting, share it with your friends and let them play with you, or……..have a fun PVP with these Staff!


Open the experimental game!