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MC: 631023781: Double Village & Dungeon
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Not far from spawn you have a double village with one blacksmith and underneath the village is an open dungeon where you will find another two chests.

Turn to your right at spawn and walk in that direction, cross the river and you will have reached double village. There is one blacksmith and in the chest you will find the following.

  • 2 apples
  • 2 iron leggings
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 2 gold ingots
  • 2 bread loaves


To find the dungeon find the farm which has a small entering in one of its corners. Go down there and follow the tunnel always to your left and you will very soon find an open dungeon with two chests. In the chests you will find the following items:

  • 3 iron ingots
  • 2 gunpowders
  • 3 bread loaves
  • 4 wheat

The surrounding area is definitely worth exploring as it consists of extreme mountains, overhangs and floating islands.


Seed: 631023781