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MC: 15 Useful Redstone Creations [Redstone]
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This map showcases a selection of 15 redstone creations. They all serve a different purpose but each of them can definitely be added to most worlds to increase the general usefulness of your worlds. Some of the creations you’ve most likely already seen before but it doesn’t make them less useful, right? Let us know in the comments if you found out a clever way to use any of them in your own worlds!

Creator: ShAdOwFuRy016

Here’s an automatic staircase which is enabled by using a lever. You can use this structure to lock areas to allow only certain people to access it.


This creation is perfect for hiding secret rooms, e.g. where you keep your valuable goods. To open the room use the lever.


This might not be the most advanced creation but it’s nonetheless very useful. Use the buttons to add ingredients.


The redstone machines in this map are fairly common. But they are very useful, even if you might know about some of them already.

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